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Masters sound amazing! They were loud, clean and, most importantly, warm. My expectations were met tenfold.

David Heartbreak

[Owsla, Ableton]

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Dope & affordable way for producers looking to get their tracks sounding thick with a rapid turnaround time. Astounding mastering results for a cloud based service!


[Dim Mak & Play Me]

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Time saver and game-changer, fast & easy to use, this will save a lot of mix-downs! Perfect for bedroom producers who struggle with the art of mastering.

Tha Trickaz

[Otodayo Records]

Levianth at a show

I’d never thought online mastering would ever master my tracks the way i wanted to but i was really surprised when I tried it out. Love the quality and the differnt mastering options


[Trap Nation & Elysian]

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Chosen Masters is an affordable way for Artists to not only master their music online quickly, but get several quality options to choose from. It’s a perfect service operating at the intersection of automation and creativity.

Repost Network


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Chosen Masters is a great tool for producers looking for quality masters at an affordable price. The multiple options allow for a perfect tuning to every taste

SC Planner

[Soundcloud/Repost Network]

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Chosen Masters has made it quick, easy, and cost-effective for producers to get their songs mastered without any special knowledge.

EDM Sauce

[Music Blog]

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It will point out certain things, gives you a new perspective on your music without going through trial and error to tweak yourself, a good reference point to master your songs.


[Spinnin' Records, MadDecent]

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Great quality, quick results, perfect way to master any song!

Pump Your Sound

[Repost Scheduler & Tools]


Chosen Masters saved the day. We were in a pinch and needed a professional sounding master in the eleventh hour. The process was simple, and our expectations were more than met. Quick, simple, and effective.

SWMMNG Management

[Shallou, Pell]

Free instant audio mastering deep dive

Mastering Deep DiveLets take a closer look

Online mastering website for professional engineers. Get the best sounding results from our site that can master songs online. Hear the next generation of instant music mastering online now.

Trusted by artists on the biggest record labels & mastering engineers world wide

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Get the richest texture & crystal clean sound. Give your songs perfect music mastering instantly every time.

No compromises

Give your fans a listening experience they will never forget. Sonically tell your story to the world and connect with your audience in a deeper way. Give your music a professional sound.

Real-time controls

Chosen Masters is instant online mastering with real-time controls. Get the perfect amount of phatness and life for any track or stem. No waiting to hear changes! Without sacrificing quality at all, we are more affordable, faster & have a live customer service portal. Don't settle for less.

Make your favorite artists jealous with our mastering!

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Elon Sharar, Founder & CEO
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This is the online mastering experience you've been searching for!

Chosen Master software retains your drum transients in the best way possible, so you get the weight behind the hit along with perfectly maintained drum peaks.

Chosen Masters make your songs sound amazing with our cloud based audio software

Here's how our engine works

Our process is simple and powerful. In a couple of minutes from now, you can have the best mastering results for any song, style & genre. All online, all in the cloud. No installations, and it's free to try.

1. Sign-up free

Register or sign in, its always free!

2. Upload your file.

Drag & drop audio or choose a file from your device.

3. Your song gets processed.

Our state of the art mastering engine does its magic

4. Choose a mastering style.

Find the right style for your music in real-time.

5. Select the intensity.

Select the right amount of intensity/loudness level for your music.

6. Reference un-mastered track (optional)

Listen to the improvements and vibe of the mastering.

7. Download your master.

Choose several download formats, including WAV.

8. Enjoy your amazing results

Playback your new master at shows or on different monitors to hear the fantastic results.

Chosen Masters online studio mastering

a Valuable Tool

About Chosen Masters Software

Chosen Masters is a semi-automated, professional-grade free to try tool that adds color, warmth and brilliance to your tracks. Our formula uses modern audio processing secrets that you don't hear anywhere else.

500K+Mastered Tracks We are used by pro's all over the world.

40+Real time settings No waiting. Hear differnt mastering styles instantly.

99%Customer satisfaction Our users love our product

100+Hundreds of currency accepted Anyone can use our service world-wide.

Bring your sound to life!

Pro tricks

Using an assortment of audio algorithms + techniques we clean & enhance your tracks to give you extra punch & clarity

Your best sound

Your kicks, snares, basses, leads and music over all will never have sounded better.

Save years of times

It takes years of training & practice to master the art of mastering. With Chosen Masters you will get those results instantly.


Get reliable results every time. Be happy with your mastering results today.

Beauty in sound

Our online mastering adds presence while maintaining dynamics throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

Crystal clear

Unlike other software that can leave your songs sounding either thin or squished, Chosen Masters gives you rich textured, full & pristine sounding results.

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